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Richey and Richey are personal injury lawyers. Our law firm has been representing victims of car accidents for almost two decades. Let our legal experience help you today. Call us for a free legal consultation at (864) 467-0503 or toll-free (888) 882-HURT. 

As experienced Social Security lawyers, our law firm knows how the Social Security system works and removes the confusion that may cause you to lose your Social Security benefits. 

The experienced Social Security lawyers of ​Richey and Richey have been helping disabled people for almost two decades. Let us help you! We will come to your home or hospital to help you with your Social Security application or appeal at no cost or obligation to help you win your Social Security case.

If you have not applied for Social Security disability, I would HIGHLY recommend you file for Social Security disability. You can file online at or our law firm would be happy to assist you with filing your disability application. Just let our law firm know how we can be of any assistance with your Social Security case. We are here to help. 

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Social Security Conditions
Heart Disease
Mental Health
​Panic Attacks
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Bipolar Disorder
Orthopedic Injuries
Leg, Knee & Ankle Disorders and Hip Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Back Injuries and Diseases
Neurological Disorders
Blood Disorders
Auto-Immune Diseases/AIDS Cancer
Stomach, Intestine Disorders Liver Disorders
Pulmonary / Lung Diseases
Gastrointestinal Disorder Hepatitis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Kidney Failure
Liver Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Kidney / Renal Failure

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At Richey and Richey, our legal focus is to help you WIN your Social Security disability and personal injury case!  Our experienced lawyers will handle your Social Security claim and personal injury case at no obligation or cost unless we WIN your case. Call the Injury and Social Security Disability Lawyers of Richey and Richey for a FREE EVALUATION of your claim. We will come to your home or hospital room to help with your Social Security and injury case and provide a free evaluation. 

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